Frequently Asked Questions

Creaing an account on the Elapino App is very simple.

  1. Downloap the App on Mobile App Store e.g Google play store. Here https://bit.ly/31onwNN
  2. Sign Up by Clicking to create an account
  3. Verify your account
  4. Sign In and Have a wonderfull experince

All you need to set up your account is a functional Email address and your login details

Elapino App only runs as a Mobile App for now. The web version  of the app will come soon.

Elapino App is compatible with All Smartphones

Yes, Elapino App is built with an end to end encryption security feature. This makes it very safe to use. 

Elapino – The World’s first Bible Social Networking App, like other social Networking apps has;

  1. An in app Bible Embedded
  2. A stream Page where users can either share word revelations into or drink from a pull of  revelations of God’s word shared by other users.
  3. In app Messaging With Notifications
  4. Gospel Channels just like we have on Youtube
  5. and lots more