CENSOR YOUR PLEASURES | Phil 4:5 | I Know Whom I Believed – Lesson 10 | David Adeniji

Phycologists say, instead of praising children always, for their outcomes (e.g, saying “Good Job”, “Nice painting”, etc), or hailing the individual (e.g saying, “Smart Kid”, Nice chap, etc), we should lay emphasis on the process they pursued to get the outcomes. Sometimes, Tell them – “Oh, you must have worked hard to achieve that, keep […]

YOU RECEIVED GOD’S SPIRT, Not The World’s Spirit | 1 John 2:16 | I Know Whom I Believed – Lesson 8 | David Adeniji

In those days the words – Christian, Church, Pastor – were held with so much reverence. Because a certain standard of conduct is seen among us. Also because a certain wave of supernatural manifestation is seen in our gatherings. Now, many people at best appear indifferent, when they hear us. Worse still, there’s a level […]