Elapino App is an app for connecting and sharing scriptures and word revelations and posts among users.

Users scroll through the stream like they do on social media (e.g. Facebook), only that the posts are Bible verses posted by users with comments from other users. If a scripture blessed you or shines a light into your spirit, it can bless others too. Because:


1. Creating a stream of revelations received from Scriptures by God’s people, for others to tap into and be imparted with what God is saying at that time.

2. Neutralizing the negative effect already created by the loads of unwholesome or outrightly distractive content shared every minute on the conventional social media streams.

3. Aiding spiritual growth as believers oftentimes do not know how to study the Bible or even where to study. Scrolling through the stream of scriptures and revelations, could
provoke your own revelation.

4. Leading many unbelievers to Christ, even as they get ministered to in the stream of God’s word as they enjoy the same networking excitement derived from other social media networks

5. Our mobile phones are a part of us, and social media has come to stay. Instead of demonizing these, let’s extract spiritual value instead.

Elapino App is that app for extracting and maximizing the benefits of mobile devices and social media for spiritual growth; We’re achieving 3 things here

I. Share scriptures and revelations from scriptures.
II. Connect and be blessed with what He’s telling other people – Mark 13:37
III. Stay focused without distractions for minutes or hours in a stream of spirit filled content,
thereby creating a faith filled atmosphere throughout your day.

5. When we create a network of spirit filled minds, we ease the flow of the spirit and release
His manifestations.


One day, as I studied the scriptures, a revelation hit me from one Bible verse (as is always the case) and with excitement, and joy in my spirit: as one who has found treasure – Matt 13:44, or as the Samaritan woman who ran into the city to invite her people to her newly found saviour – John 4:28-29 ]

I hastened to my social media handles to share the revelation with my friends, teams and followers, (which is a form of evangelism) But as I hit the social media handles, I was visited

as usual with a stream of posts that would always struggle with your attention. Before I could finish posting my scripture (revelation), I had unconsciously been fed with other out rightly unwholesome or maybe wholesome but unwanted content in the process. As I returned to the Bible, the unction of that moment had been shed. It was not the first time this would happen to me. But this time, it was more unpleasant.

Then I immediately perceived in my spirit that:

1. What if there is a stream of posts, scriptures, for several users in my position, wanting to share what God is showing them for the consumption of like minds who need such a word?

2. How many other people do this happen to, everyday?

3. Imagine what load of revelations people receive daily and keep to themselves (or just share it on social media where it gets drowned in an ocean of more of unwholesome or irrelevant posts) simply because there’s no platform needed to bless others with a word that blessed you.

“And what I say unto you, I say unto all; – Jesus Speaking in Mark 13:37 Since then, the spirit had constantly impressed this project on my heart. Now, we’re doing it by His grace.

The above scripture fits both for this project and for the time we are in. God is always speaking through the scriptures, to prepare His people for His second coming as Jesus was referring to, in the few verses that preceded Mark 13:37