OBEDIENCE is Your Biggest Preparation For a Turnaround | John 2:7 | My Jesus Today – Lesson 25 | David Adeniji

The reason for disobedience is lack of trust. If I instruct you and you don’t follow it, it means you doubt the authenticity of my promises.

Today, we see that there’s a strong link between preparation and obedience. You only prepare for what you believe. You only believe when you trust the facilitator of the promise. The first step to prove your trust is to obey the first instruction.

Whatever he tells you to do, do it. That’s a blanket statement of faith. Even though it seems to talk about obedience only. Obedience is the mother of all virtues. “Whatever” ! Now, that’s deep. Mary told the servants to obey whatever Jesus tells them. Meaning, even it sounds foolish. The lesson is that, trust the instruction giver. He has your life in his hands. So, he knows the outcome of every instruction before he gives it. He cannot lead you into a loss. Even if the instruction looks as such.

I salute these servants. You may say, afterall, they were servants. But Jesus was equally an invitee in the wedding and not their owner. Nobody yet knew Him as the Messiah, saviour, or miracle worker. He wasn’t yet a celebrity. He was seemingly, unknown. So, believing and obeying whatever Jesus tells them, was obedience out of blind faith. You see, God doesn’t lead those who argue. If you’re fond of arguing with men, it’s an indication you will argue with God, because you’re already training your heart to be rebellious, and overly critical and analytical.

Many people go the wrong direction, because God will not even bother to lead them in the right direction, because he knows they’ll probably not listen. Don’t be like that. Start by obeying men in submission. Then, study the scriptures. He begins to speak faintly in your heart, trust that inner still voice. Obey him. Then follow the peace He whispers (Col 3:15).

I mean, When it’s God, then there’ll be peace in your heart….but that’s if your heart is not filled with junks or hatred or bias, or complex or ego. If your heart is filled with love and worship and the word, then the Holy spirit can dwell there, and when you don’t feel peace on a matter, you can be sure its not God. That’s what Obedience brings. It brings quality direction and it’s your biggest preparation for the turnaround you desire

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OBEDIENCE is Your Biggest Preparation For a Turnaround | John 2:7 | My Jesus Today – Lesson 25 | David Adeniji

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