HOW ENCOUNTERS COME – Part 2 | Exodus 3:11-15 | I Know Whom I Believed – Lesson 30 | David Adeniji
      When you strike a match stick, there’s a spark, but the fire is sustained only when fuel is introduced. An Encounter is that fuel that meets your spark and blows up a big fire of God’s manifestations in your life. That spark is your thirst! Encounters have no protocols, they are not prayer points, you only know the beginning, their outcome transcends the human imagination.
In Exodus 3:1-11, God called Moses and reeled out his assignment, but his encounter happened when he presented his weakness to God, His inability to fulfil the assignment all by Himself. “who am I that I should lead your people?”. God’s response in verse 11 was “I WILL BE WITH YOU”. That was the encounter. That imparted him with the grace he ran with, for 80 years. That’s how encounters come. Check out Gideon too in Judges 6:16.
Mary’s encounter was in Luke 1:34, when she also presented her inability and cried to the angel – How shall these things be, seeing I know not a man. Guess what happened next – SHE RECEIVED THE HOLY GHOST, AND THE HOLY GHOST CONCEPTION. That was the encounter. That’s how encounters come. Please empty yourself, acknowledge your need for the supernatural.
How about Saul in Acts 9? On his way to Damascus, persecuting Christian’s. Just as Moses’, attention was also drawn to the fire, God struck him with blindness, to slow him down, but that’s not the encounter yet. Then saul cried – “Who Are You Lord?”. “What Do You Want Me To Do?”. “I am Jesus, Enter the city and you’ll be told what to do”. Now, That’s the encounter, that pronouncement was the bedrock of his ministry.
Encounters happen when God speaks into your emptied cup, with his fullness, especially via the spoken word, but you have to empty yourself to have that encounter. Debug your mind, reset your ego, fall at his feet. When encounters happen, you can’t control the outcome, or what God will do through it. He knows where to meet you. Start today. Don’t delay. Your encounter is just a prayer away!
HOW ENCOUNTERS COME – Part 2 | Exodus 3:11-14 | I Know Whom I Believed – Lesson 30 | David Adeniji

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