There’s this practice during African traditional weddings where a few maidens, veiled but dressed and attired like the bride, are made to pass by the groom, to select which among them is his bride. Finally, the real bride also passes by him and he’s expected never to mistakenly select any of the other maidens who may even look very much like his bride. The idea is to test if he knows his partner very well, before marriage.

Jacob failed this kind of test, in Gen 29:23. Laban gave him Leah instead of Rachel whom he loved, and he fell for it cheaply. Apparently, he only loved Rachel, he didn’t know her well enough to differentiate her from her sister Leah, who of course may have had so much resemblance with her. This further supports my earlier point that you cannot claim to love God, when you don’t know Him. The depth of your knowledge is the deapth of your love. God has character, He has ways, you need to learn his ways – Isaiah 2:3

Today, I’m going a step further. Since we received God after believing him, do we know whom we received? Or are we taking the Christian Life just as an alternative to the former life we lived in the world? For example, some folks will say, since we’ve been told not to take alchohol, can we just substitute that with expensive red wine, and party as we’ve been doing before? They forget that their actions irrespective, God guages the heart. Many people get themselves drunk with soft drink, instead of the Holy ghost!

1 Cor 2:12 tells us that we have not the worldโ€™s spirit, instead, we received God’s spirit, that we may KNOW the things he has freely given to us. Now, that’s powerful! So, we cheat ourselves when we make the world our standard. We will neither know or take possession of God’s free gifts! Sometimes, I hear Christian’s say, don’t you see that Muslims do this? We should be doing it too; As if ours is a religion. You should never ingest ideas from the world, wholesale. You can learn from different ideas, but your adoption of any knowledge/wisdom should be subject to ratifification by the holy Spirit in you. More still, why not birth ideas from God, that the world will see and copy?

Tomorrow, we’d be answering the question – what is the spirit of the world (1 Cor 2:12) ? But for today? I know whom I received. Do you?

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I KNOW WHOM I RECEIVED | 1 Cor 2:12 | I Know Whom I Believed – Lesson 7 | David Adeniji

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