One of my most memorable experiences in kindergarten school was the swing on our playground. There’s something about that swing. In my first few weeks of school, I only watched the other children with fear. They would throw themselves high in the air, back and forth, with so much confidence. They never imagined a fall. I however, always imagined, “what if they fall?” So I didn’t dare it.

But they persuaded me, I tried it out, they tossed me to and fro, I closed my eyes, and before long, I got over the phobia. I soon got used to it. I learnt to swing, by swinging. But I didn’t stop there, soon, I was flying higher, just like the other children, without fear!

That’s what the spirit is saying today. He’s inviting you to come up higher. Yes, you are walking in the spirit, you have been through gestation, you have rooted yourself deep in fellowship with God, but now it’s time to even go up higher. Remove the barrier, overcome the fear, and launch out into that height that God is calling you unto, in everything – career, business, ministry, marriage, just name it. You need to overcome the fear of “what if I fail?”

In Rev 4:1, John the beloved, said, “after this I looked, and beheld a door open unto me in heaven”…then he heard a voice that says “Come up higher”. That means he was already high up, but he needs to come higher.

In verse 2 the next thing was that he found himself in the spirit. In Job 29:19, Bible says “My root spread out by the waters, and the dew lay all night upon my branch. My glory was fresh in me, and my bow was renewed in my hand.

That’s what happens when you decide to go up higher. For John, he landed in the spirit. What a word! From Job 29:19-23, since your root already runs deep in Him, His supernatural supply gives you the newness you need. And that is exactly what the Holy spirit does.

Rejoice friend, this is your invitation to a higher level, in all that God is calling you unto, in all that you are presently. Brace up, and move higher in Jesus Name. Amen.


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