One of the easiest ways to limit your growth is to get complacent when people hail you, or get deterred when they criticize you. Either way, it’s not good for you.

When people pour accolades on you and wish they were like you. Simply return all the glory to God, appreciate them for recognizing your good work, then take their praises as a reminder that you’re only just scratching the surface, and still very far from God’s peak for you. Before God you can’t ever arrive, there’s a far reaching glory he has for you. You can’t exhaust his best. No you can’t. So friend, it’s time to go deeper.

In 2 Kings 2:1-11, we have seen in verse 3 that the sons of the prophets tried to deter Elisha with their word of knowledge – that his master Elijah, will be taken away from him that day. Okay, that’s supposed to get Elisha nervous, or anxious, or excited, or so proud, right? But no! He remained himself and kept his eyes on the ball, kept going further and deeper and focused. He simply told them, ‘I know, hold your Peace’.

Okay, as if that wasn’t enough, even the master, from whom he wanted to catch a double portion of anointing, also urged him three times to stay behind. I mean, that sounds rather tricky. In verses 2, 4 and 6, Elijah told him – “Please stay here in Bethel…., for the Lord has sent me to Bethel, to Jericho, and then to Jordan….”

But Elisha kept replying, “I swear to God that I won’t leave you.” So they kept going together.

What do we make of that? Is Elijah also trying to deter his servant Elisha? Have you ever felt like your leaders are trying to hold you back from attaining their height? For Elisha, the answer is no. The point is, heights are not for mediocres, leaders want to be sure you’re resolved and not just being forced along! Please go deeper my friend. The earnest expectation of the creature awaits the manifestation of the sons of God. God is waiting for you at the top. Are you willing to pay the price of staying up in the spirit? The price is to walk in the spirit!

Thank God Elisha didn’t fall for the cheap accolades of the sons of the prophet or the loving urge of his master Elijah. He simply faced it, went the journey, paid the price and got the prize. If he hadn’t, he probably wouldn’t have made it back home. Or how would he have crossed back the Jordan river, without the mantle. So dear friend, let’s go deeper in Jesus. Our lifting is tied to it. Receive the grace to good deeper, in Jesus Name. Amen.


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