Here’s one thing very easy to do when you get to any river, famished and thirsty. You Just throw yourself into the river and have a complete bath. A complete wash from head to toe – washing all open and hidden parts of your body. There’s no better way to become clean than this. Now, this washing is what the Bible calls sanctification in Ephesians 5:26.

Ephesians 5:26
[26]That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word. Here again we see that the water sanctifies.

But yet again, let’s remember that the Blood of Jesus has also been shed for our sanctification and washing away of our sins. Jesus said that Himself in Mat 26:28.

[28]For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.

Well we are not surprised, since He is the river, as we come to wash in him,He washed us with his blood instead. In this class, we will move back in history and see an old testament parallel of that sanctification. It is called circumcision, and we’d be learning from no other person than Father Abraham. We will learn as many lessons as we can from the circumcision/sanctification exercise he performed on Himself and his household.

In Gen chapter 17 verses 23 to 27, Abraham had just concluded a spiritual exercise. He didn’t just do it for himself and his own family, he extended it to everyone working with him. Every staff in his conglomerate, and every child born into his enterprise or that he bought with his money. You know, in those days, children born of slaves in their master’s service still belong to the master.


Abraham didn’t discriminate. “Whether you are my biological son, or not, you must carry the same anointing I carry. You must enjoy the same grace I enjoy. Whether you are my employee or children of my employees, I know I have the oversight on you. Working with me or serving with me should be a privilege for you and not a curse.”

For many leaders, working with or for them is like a curse instead of being a blessing. You can’t see their followers and sense any grace of their leaders on them.

In fact, what you see is the opposite. Rich leader, poor followers. Healthy leader, sick followers. Fat leader, thin followers. It’s not right. Now, get me right, I know it’s not entirely up to the leader to make his followers be like him, and also not all followers carry the spirit of their leader. Some will be odds, just like the case of Judas Iscariot with our Lord Jesus Christ. But the thing is, whatever a leader covets, his followers will have, because then will God show him what to do for them to be like him – Just like Peter, James and John and most of the other disciples, also with Jesus.

As a father, whatever you don’t covet, your children will not get. Anyone of them that wants it will work extra hard to get it. It’s the reason many of us find it hard to rise in destiny. Because our parents (both biological and spiritual) either didn’t achieve what we are aiming for, or maybe they did achieve it, but were never deliberate at imparting their children with it. Have you seen a man of God on fire, performing miracles, yet his children cannot even conduct an impactful prayer session, let alone heal an headache? That was the case of Eli’s children in 1 Samuel 2:12 and Samuel’s children in 1 Samuel 8:3

In Gen 17:24-25, check out the fact that Abraham started the circumcision with himself and then His son, Ishmael. Even though God had just concluded telling him in verse 21 that Ishmael was not the promised son of covenant, and that the son of covenant was to be born the next year. Yet Abraham started the circumcision with himself and his son. “At least, that is the one God has given me now. He may not be the promised covenant son, but he’s my offspring all the same and he has a glorious destiny, just like me”.

Some people simply despise the days of little beginnings. They neglect what God has given them in anticipation of bigger things they crave from him. Not so please! Don’t say, when God answers my ‘Real’ prayer, then I will praise him and commit it to him. Don’t forget that every good gift God gives you is a test for the next package he wants to give you. If he gives you just one talent and you cannot make it 2, don’t fool yourself into thinking he will give you 10, even if you fast out your bowels or donate all your belongings to the poor. I mean, don’t be like the naughty servant in Matt 25:24-25. God cannot be hoodwinked or swindled. He cannot be mocked, whatever a man sows, he will reap (Gal 6:7) So, if you don’t have enough trust in Him, faith and diligence to trade 1 talent just so it can be multiplied to two. Don’t be deceived into thinking he will trust you with 10 talents because you are promising him you will multiply it to 100.

In Genesis chapter 18 verse 1, The Lord appeared to Abraham, and that was a reward of the complete sanctification exercise he had carried out. Oh! Abraham is indeed a father of many nations. Please be clear on this, you don’t need to be rich to care for people. You don’t need to have children before you start taking care of children. You can pay monthly salaries even before you own any business. Start with your parents and stop saying I don’t have. Start with your church and your pastor. Adopt a ministry and be a covenant partner to them. If you don’t bless them, other people will, but you would be cheating yourself and blocking your surest means of having God become your partner in prosperity.


To really ‘LIVE’ is to live for others and to fulfil to the letter all that God has laid in your heart to do.

Meanwhile, to live for yourself alone is the definition of ‘EXISTENCE’. You can’t claim to be living a fulfilled life if you never care for anyone. And if you think you have achieved whatever success you lay claim to, all by yourself, then you aren’t seeing far. Psalms 103:2 says Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:

Gratitude is when you catalogue all, and I mean everyone you have crossed through, or have crossed through you on your path to whatever position you are now, and see all of them as inevitable instruments towards your making.

So, make the best of today’s lesson. The summary is that before God reveals himself to you there has to be sanctification. But this sanctification and setting apart is not to be achieved in you only. You must carry everyone along. That’s if you have a big destiny to fulfil.

Say Lord Jesus, thank you for this word coming to me at this season. Henceforth I will live sanctified. I will lead everyone around me to sanctification and I will lead my family by example, in Jesus Name. Amen.

Today’s lessons are many actually. Gratitude, leadership by example, covet good things for your children and all.

But as always, the biggest lesson I see today was that of Jesus whose Gospel was preached strongly by His disciples whom he led for only 3 years. Though he was betrayed by a disciple -Judas, yet another disciple Peter, alone won 3,000 souls in for Him in just one day, he became the first disciple to win souls, and that’s because Jesus his master had prepared him for that when he said in Matt 16:18 that upon this rock I will build my church. That’s “Leader coveting and deliberately imparting his spirit on followed”. It then means the choice is ours, to either be a Judas or a Peter. To either revive His grace or frustrate that grace. May we not frustrate his grace over our lives in Jesus Name

Jesus wants to save you too. There’s something bigger He even did. He bought your salvation with his blood. Can you imagine, he died, so you may live. If you’d like to appreciate that and follow him from today, or return to him as the case may be then I’m happy for you.

Say Lord Jesus, I am humbled by your love. I appreciate your death, I’m ready to follow you. Lord I repent of my sins and I receive your forgiveness. I accept you as my Lord and saviour Thank you for saving me. In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.

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