When rivers flow, they do so with a force, i.e, with a current. Rivers also flow with with a sound. Rivers don’t flow silently. In this class, we will be discussing the the river force.

In psalms 46 verse 4, where the Bible states clearly that there’s a river and it’s streams make glad the city of God, we see that the word translated river in that scripture is also translated as FLOOD in Joshua chapter 24 verses 2, 3, 14, and 15
And we all know that a flood is a current of water moving with some force capable of destroying many things along it’s path. It’s however also capable for producing electricity, should a dam be constructed along it’s path. So it’s both ways. Destruction of bad things in your path, construction of good things for your life.

In John 7:38, Jesus made it clear that out of our bellies shall flow out rivers of living waters. What actually differentiates a river from a lake or a pool is the moving force. Whereas a lake or pool is stagnant due to the absence of a force to make it move, a river however is in constant movement.

I’d like us to be very attentive to what God is showing us here. God is the river, He’s powerful, hence when he moves there is power involved. Everything associated with the river experiences this river force. Be it plant, stones, or persons. There is power in the river.
At this moment, I’d ike you to be very sensitive and alert, because it’s going to be an unusual class. This teaching today is taking a different dimension and I already feel the weight of what is about to be imparted on us. The point is, there is a river, but the river is never stagnant, the river moves, and it moves with a force, and when it does, it makes significant impact on anything and everything on it’s path.

I don’t know where you’re listening to this from or what position you’re in right now. But I know that the river is flowing your way, and all you need to do right now is to be ready to dive in. Indeed, this is a power class.
So, we make our first proclamation here that because the river is flowing, moving with a force and everything on it’s path will be imparted, we will be imparted in Jesus Name. For a moment, please cast your minds away from your limitations and challenges and get excited in your spirit that the river, God’s power, is flowing your way.

Just so, you understand that the flow of the river is the definition of the God’s power, and whoever comes in contact with it never remains the same. Let’s flip over very quickly to John chapter 5 verse 4. That pool of Bethesda ordinarily has no healing virtue. No power. It’s a stagnant water. But the moment the angel steps in to trouble the water, and creates a supernatural movement, then the water becomes powerful, power is generated in it and whoever steps in first soaks in that power and gets healed. The point I’m making is that the movement, the flow generated momentarily by that angel changes the water’s nature from ordinary to powerful.

John 5:4
You see, I don’t know how quiet things have been in your life or how dormant the crater on your mountain has been, right now, a river of fire is about to erupt from it, because the river – God Himself, is flowing your way, and strange things are set happen in your life from this moment henceforth, in Jesus Name. Just begin to soak it in the moment you feel it. It’s here already. Flowing into you as you drink, wanting to flow out of your bellies in Jesus Name. Please follow closely. Hallelujah. Thank you Jesus.

But the question is, why do rivers flow? What is responsible for the flow of waters in a river? I mean naturally, The force that makes rivers flow and makes them different from stagnant lakes and pools, where does that force come from? Speaking naturally now, the first and most established answer to that is GRAVITY. Yes, you always find rivers flow from highlands to lowlands, rivers flow from uphill to downhill, hence there is the usual force of gravity at work, that pushes on the waters. Again, that talks about power from above.

Now, please stay wit me, just hang in there. The second thing responsible for the forceful flow of waters in a river is the WIND. Yes, the wind. Wind currents are responsible for water currents since wind flows over water and causes a movement in the water. Waves are caused due to very strong winds near the shore. Ah haaaa, what a nice place to be, what a revelation we are having here.
Bible says in John chapter 3 verse 8 that The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.

Hallelujah, what a twist, in other words, the wind, responsible for the torrent flow of the waters in the River is the Holy Spirit, Remember that God is that River and the Bible explains further in John 7:38 that by rivers flowing out of our bellies, Jesus was referring to the Holy Spirit which they that believe in Him should receive.

You cannot escape that outpour in this class. I’d like you to get serious and ready for an outbreak of the spirit upon you right now, because yet again, in Acts 2 verse 2 the spirit manifested as a rushing mighty wind. The same wind we have established here as responsible for the flow of waters in our river. In the mighty name of Jesus, I command the floodgates if heaven to open and release that wind of the Holy Spirit upon you right now in Jesus Name.

Remember, this isn’t really about you alone anymore, He says out of your belly shall flow out. Flowing out means impact on the world around you. So the spirit upon you is for the benefit of the world around you. Strange and supernatural acts will happen through your hands, it doesn’t matter how far or close you are from the pulpit in church, I mean the promise is not for pastors or prophets only, it’s for everyone. You need it in your marketplace, in the stock exchange market, in the Digital economy, at the laundry, at the grocery store and of course for evangelism. You need it in government, you need it. Your family. Receive it in Jesus Name.

But we’re not done yet, when waters flow in a river, they don’t flow silently. In fact when you approach a river, you hear the sound of flowing rivers. No wonder the first thing that happened in Acts 2 verse 2 when the Holy spirit fell on the apostles was that suddenly, there came a SOUND from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind. You see that? The sound, before the actual wind.

When people see you, they should already feel God’s presence in you, even before they transact any relationship with you. That’s the water flowing out of your belly. Being unconscious of this is what allows you misbehave where you’re expected to shine your light. Being ignorant of this is what makes you settle for less instead of Going for the best, which is God’s will always for you.

From today, as you manifest this water upon you, your name ceases to be ordinary, the sound of it sends shivers down the spine of the enemy. If commands an ovation from those who hear it. They will respect or fear you as the case may be and they won’t even know why.

Note that your part in all of this is to believe, as in John 7:38. Just believe it and surrender your will to Jesus, always so you allow this river flow through you and out of you Into the world around you. It’s serious business,and in fact thats the signature for a victorious and impactful Christian Life.

But really, here’s the first thing your faith should bring you. Salvation. If you are believing him for the first time, then the first gift he gives you is salvation, followed by His Holy Spirit. So, if any man thirsts, for you, means, do you need help, in any area of your life? Come to the waters now, and drink. Say Lord Jesus, I want to experience your divine force in my life. I want your spirit and your power. I believe that you died for me. So, I repent of my sins and I forsake them. From today, I accept you as my Lord and Savior. Thank you for saving me. In Jesus Name.

This class has been awesome, lets meet next time again by God’s grace. Amen.

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