WATER IS FREE – David Adeniji

Isaiah 55:1 emphasizes the fact that you are to come and buy without money. It means that you have nothing to offer, there’s nothing you want to offer him that he has not offered you. So what does it mean that it is free? Salvation is free because it is priceless, not that it is worthless.

But the living water (God himself) is available to anyone who is thirsty and it is free. What he said is that come empty. Come, come clean. Come, come lowly. Don’t come puffed up. Don’t come with pride. Don’t say “well, I know what they are talking about. I’ve been there. There is nothing like “I’ve been there” with Jesus. You have not been there! There is no depth that you have reached that you cannot go deeper, neither is there any height that you have climbed that he cannot take you higher. If he has shown you deep revelations, believe me , He’s still only scratching the surface.

None of us can exhaust the depth of his love. That’s why He says there is a river. When rivers flow. you don’t know where it’s coming from, and you don’t know the end. So, there is nothing we have to offer in exchange for all He is to us.

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